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It's an invitation to embrace the journey towards self-discovery.
Join our community, explore our collections, and immerse yourself in a celebration of femininity and empowerment.
Drawing inspiration from the mystical moth, Luna Vero represents a journey toward the moon's enchanting light. It's about embracing the allure of both light and shadow, just like the moth's fascination with the moon.

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CLOTHING WITH PURPOSEOur clothes aren’t mere garments; they’re instruments of confidence and empowerment. Crafted from luxurious fabrics and tailored designs, Luna Vero pieces are made to last, reflecting the wearer's beauty and strength for years to come.

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Your one-stop shop for exquisite gifts, stationery, and custom designs. Immerse yourself in our enchanting collection of trending apparel, home décor, and accessories, all inspired by the delicate beauty of the moth and the luminous glow of the moon.Prepare to unveil a symphony of colors and patterns, each meticulously crafted to ignite your creativity and transform your living spaces into havens of divine inspiration.Elevate your personal touch with our user-friendly customization options. Personalize your gifts, stationery, and décor with names, dates, and messages that will resonate deeply.


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At Luna Vero, our mission is to celebrate the essence of femininity and empower individuals through fashion, art, and community. We strive to create a space where every woman feels seen, heard, and supported, embracing her unique strength, beauty, and creativity.In a world where individuality often fades into the background, Luna Vero stands as a beacon of authenticity. We believe in the power of self-expression, in honouring the cycles of nature, and in embracing the duality within us.

the mystical moth

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Luna Vero is a celebration of life and the harmonious relationship between two passionate artists with a shared vision. Rooted in the love and mutual inspiration between our founders, Alla and Greg, our brand emerged from a desire to encapsulate the beauty of their connection through art and fashion.Beyond the celestial line art and intricate designs, Luna Vero tells a story of creativity, love, and embracing life's nuances.Alla, a professional dancer, and Greg, a graphic and sound graphic designer, found themselves intertwined not just romantically but artistically. Their shared passion for self-expression, aesthetics, and a deep appreciation for nature birthed Luna Vero—a brand dedicated to celebrating the intricate dance of feminine mystique and the rhythm of the cosmos.At Luna Vero, every product encapsulates the essence of their shared journey—a journey of self-discovery, growth, and the beauty found in vulnerability.Luna Vero invites you to be part of this story, to embrace the beauty in the ordinary, and to celebrate the extraordinary.

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Community is the heart of Luna Vero.
We strive to foster a collective of like-minded women—a space for support, encouragement, and growth.
Luna Vero signifies transformation and inner strength. It mirrors personal journeys - emerging from darkness into self-assured, powerful femininity. It encapsulates a love for nature, a passion for life, and the pursuit of an extraordinary lifestyle.We believe in nurturing the best versions of ourselves. Luna Vero is committed to supporting women in their quest for self-discovery and empowerment. Through community and resources, we inspire women to embrace their inner strength.Luna Vero isn’t just a brand; it's an invitation to embrace the journey towards self-discovery. Join our community, explore our collections, and immerse yourself in a celebration of femininity and empowerment.